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Monday, January 8, 2018

Sprinkling Islam where needed.

Jane McGarry is one of the popular TV anchors of Dallas, and popped this question on her facebook, “Does seductive clothing set a woman up for sexual harassment? 
I wanted to address this on TV this morning but didn’t get the chance to want to know what you think.”

I wrote, “
Jane McGarry - Prophet Muhammad's vision of a civil society was that a single woman loaded with Jewelry can to go Damascus and return back to Medina unharmed and un-harassed. Ultimately everyone should be civil enough to let other people's clothes, mannerisms, not be a license to harass them. Women should wear whatever they want like men should. Of course modesty when you are alone and are in non-public places ensures safety. I saw many pictures of you on the facebook and appreciated your looks and dressing up with nothing more than appreciation.” 

The purpose of writing this piece is a continuous effort to build integrated societies, we need to be a part of the society and not apart from it.  The issues that are common to Americans should be common to us to connect and to remove the barriers.

Dallas Morning News has over 250 article with a similar effort.

Mike Ghouse

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