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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Angelina Jolie, John Kerry, Refugees and Interfaith Iftaar

Washington, D.C., The Adams Center hosted Iftaar (breaking of fast) dinner, and was attended by Angelina Jolie and John Kerry and several dignitaries from the State Department. The interfaith community was represented well by many faith leaders. New titles were bestowed: It is Imam Pastor Magid and Pastor Imam Bob Roberts now for the kind of interfaith work they do.

I must give credit to Rizwan Jaka, Chairman of the Adams Center for being a genuine interfaith leader and making sincere efforts in pulling people from as many faiths as he can. I know many fakies out there,  but he is one of the few authentic ones. A man with a good pure heart.

The occasion was international refugee day. There are over 65 Million refugees and displaced people in the world.   Those who look down on the refugees, have no idea the humility they go through it.  Those who shrug it off as not my problem have not seen the full life.   I recall pictures from a major flood in Pakistan where homes of rich and poor were completely wiped out, and each one of them stretching their hands for food and water, and it was one of the most difficult scenes to witness.
I was on Fox News with Sean Hannity a few months back when the house and senate rejected taking refugees and President Obama had to go through an executive order.  This nation was formed on immigration, except the Native Americans, almost all of us are refugees.
Am I responsible for this mess?  If I have any conscience, I am a contributor to it, if I don’t speak out against it, or write against it. This is not acceptable.
I am severely disappointed with the Congress (Senate and the house) and particularly Republicans who have a majority in both the houses.
It is time for us to tell the idiots in congress to take a hike in November elections for the following reasons:
  1. i) The Republican Senate rejected the bill “no fly no buy guns” that is, the loonies who are on no fly list can buy the guns like the deranged idiot in Orlando mass murderer.
    Neither Guns kill people nor Religions kill people, but bad people kill innocent people and as a society we have the responsibility to place restrictions on the terrorists to own guns.
  2. ii) There is no evidence of Refugees being terrorists, they have a good vetting process and we need to do our share of the refugees. Our policies to mess with other nations created these problems; men like Paul Wolfowitz, Cheney and others had planned to topple stable governments, these men were hunting for the heads of the state in the pretext of saving the people. Had we not invaded Iraq, none of this would have happened. Shame on us, enough of us did not protest. These men are roaming free instead being behind the bars.
iii) Equal pay for women bill was not passed either, and I have no idea why even 30% of Republican Women want to Vote for Trump, what’s wrong with them?
Jesus said feed the hungry, cloth the naked, shelter the homeless.  To these men and few women, Jesus doesn’t mean a thing to them.
If the Native Americans had built the wall, none of us including Trump would have made it here. If Mexicans had built walls, California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona would have remained a Mexican territory, and none of us would have made it unless we learned Spanish.
All it takes is for us to speak up through the ballot, throw the existing members who oppose common sense and bring in new Americans who have common sense and truly want to serve America.
Mike Ghouse, and independent
Neither a Republican nor a Democrat.

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