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Saturday, September 19, 2015

So what if Obama is a Muslim?


What is your problem? He is one of the best Presidents we have had in a long time, he turned around misery into success – do you know over 40 Million Americans were unemployed when he took over, which was nearly 12%,  now it is down to the normal of around 5% . He helped survive American auto manufactures (If you got something up yours about blue collar workers that is your problem). He has reduced the deficit significantly. He did not sacrifice another 5000 Americans in another stupid war nor is he sadistic in destroying others. He knows what needs to be done to uplift America and he has done it gracefully.

Romney would have wrecked America by going to war on Iran, killing another 10,000 American soldiers and may be a million Iranians, every other American would have had to file for bankruptcy as it happened before Obama – divorces would have gone up, business would have been shut down, deficit would have been unimaginable. But Romney and the war mongers had their money stashed up some place; do Romney or Cheney's ilk give a crap about Americans?

Don’t you laugh; even if you are doing well now, you would have gone belly up under Romney or any other war mongering President.

We are all in this together; and we all will rise and fall together.

The problem is not with Americans, but a handful of racist pigs, and sadly some of them are running for President on the Republican ticket. I am sure there are some on Democrats too, bad guys are in every group.

These pigs cannot stand a Black man do a better job of managing this nation than presumably them, they are chicken shit to be openly racist, and so they attack him as a Muslim, so fucking what if he is a Muslim? If he is, we should be grateful to him for what he has done.

It is time to reflect upon the ugliness within each one of us, if we are biased against African Americans, take a deep look and see what it is that causes you to be so prejudiced.

The American way is to disagree with him on his economic or social policy, but don’t undermine his contribution to this great nation. Shame on you if you cannot praise a good man for the good work he has done. Change your lenses if you are unable to distinguish good from bad.

Don’t be a miserable slave to your own bias, free yourselves and see the joy life has to offer. Give him the credit for his work and see how human you would feel.

Opinion is my own, and I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat. However, I will not compromise on my loyalty to this great nation by the dumb and blind loyalty to a party that blinds me. I rather be independent and do what is good for America.

Mike Ghouse is a writer, thinker and a speaker and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day. His information is in 63 links atwww.MikeGhouse.net and his personal writings are listed atwww.TheGhousediary.com

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