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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pakistani Christians community hosts Christmas party in Dallas


Pakistani Christians community hosts Christmas party in Dallas

By Our correspondent Raja Zahid Khanzada

December 18, 2013 - Updated 636 PKT From Web Edition

DALLAS: Preparations for a big celebrations of Christmas and New Year is on fast pace. Shopping Centers, Malls and streets are showing holidays festivities, while buildings are decorated with bright lights.

Pakistani Christian Cultural Society of North Texas hosted a big Christmas Party. The party was attended by a large number of Pakistani Christian families living in North Texas as well as people from across other faiths.

The Key note speaker of the event was Dr. Nathan Shahid Jaleel who runs an organization Friends of United Christian Hospital in Lahore. The group is collecting funds to help the hospital in its finances.

Addressing the gathering Dr. Jaleel said that Bible's teach love of God and service to humanity, and Jesus Christ message also direct us to serve humanity.

He said this is the reason Christian community built this hospital in Lahore after Pakistan's independence, as the hospital still serves poor, needy and humanity at large. He said that this is our duty, who are living overseas to provide funds to the hospital in order for its smooth functioning, for which his organization is collecting funds.

Program organizer Javaid Samuel Gill and his wife Erum Gill thanked audience for their presence on this special occasion. Addressing the gathering they said that, they celebrate Christmas every year with people of Christian and inter faith communities, which provides an opportunity to all to sit together and socialize.

A well-presented Program was professionally moderated by Nina Rahat Gill, and Bakhtawar Gill. Dr. Samuel Gill and G Salik read the Christmas message, Pastor Saleem Gill, Pastor George Maseeh, Pastor Alexander Williams, and Mike Ghouse held special prayers.

Prominent community leaders including American Muslim Democratic Caucus Co-Chair Syed Fayyaz Hassan, Pakistan Television's retired Managing Director and several TV play writer Shahid Mahmood Nadeem, Pakistan American Association President Dr. Amer Suleman, Dr. Javed Ajmal, Naeem Chaudhry, Dr. Sadiq Jaleel, poet Syed Younus Ejaz, Tariq Hashmi, Noor Amrohvi, and Shah Alam and South Asia Democracy Watch President Dr. Qaiser Abbas were in attendance.

Mr. Irfan Ali and Mike Ghouse congratulated Javed Samuel and Erum Samuel for a beautiful Christmas program. Special prayers were offered for families of attendees as well as for Pakistan and its wellbeing was also in presenter's prayers.

Children of Mrs. Sumbal Javed and other prominent leaders presented special musicals where Javed Samuel played harmonium with his wife playing Sitar and Bakhtawar played Tabla as children presented "Sohni Dharti Allah Rakhe".

Local artists including Pastor Saleem, Alishpa Hafiz, Nina Gill, Zach Solomon, Kamran and Hafeez presented traditional Christmas Carol. Local poets including Syed Younus Ejaz, Noor Amrohvi, Tariq Hashmi, and Dr. Shamsa Qureshi put together a poetry session with relevance to the occasion of Christmas.

The Cultural Association also presented appreciation plaques to several of honorable guests including Dr. Amer Suleman, Dr. Sadiq Jalal, Dr. Raj Kumar, Raja Zahid Khanzada, Rahat Samuel Gill, Agha Ziaullah Khan, Samson Shahbaz, and others.

A sumptuous and elaborate dinner was also served and Santa Clause distributed gifts to children. Santa danced with others on popular music which brought the festivities to all participants.

Also published in Geo TV - http://www.geo.tv/article-130778-Pakistani-Christians-community-hosts-Christmas-party-in-Dallas

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