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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Examples of pluralism poetry in Hindi and Urdu

Thanks for the inquiries and clarifications about pluralism theme – let me sum up my work of 20 years, “If we can learn to respect the otherness of others, and accept the genetic uniqueness of each one of the 7 billion of us, then conflicts fade and solutions emerge.” Pluralism is simply an attitude.   
Some samples of poetry thus far;
I would encourage you to write on different issues where our attitudes determine the   pluralistic attitudes of acceptance of the other. Pluralism is not limited to religion, it is applicable in social, cultural, food, clothing, and linguistic, nationalistic, and ethnic aspects of life. Let’s face them with an attitude of an acceptable solution without aggravating the situation, and instead of keeping inside and poisoning the blood, lets discuss them in poetry format.
  • Naheed Shad’s poetry is going to be focusing on samajik issues, and I am pleased to hear that. It would be a breath of fresh air.
  • Ravi Kumar has included "bhook" in his poem ( this would be a good format – roman English and Hindi/Urdu- to benefit all readers – we request the poets to write the roman english in their own words, as others may mess it up).
saaraa aalam hee rotaa ho, jab bhookha koi sotaa ho 
सारा आलम ही रोता हो, जब भूखा कोई सोता हो
  • Taj Hashmi wrote on universality of righteousness
     Sab ke chhatoN par aur kehtoN meiN pani barsata hai 
Khuda Woh to yeh nahiN poochhta, “Tu ne mujhey aaj  yaad kiya hai ya nahiN”?

When He showers rain, it happens on every rooftop, no garden is out of its way
God never asks the silly question: “Did you remember me today?”

  •  Shah Alam Asar writes,
Pandito, Rahibo, Mullao meri baat suno
Ibne Adam hain sabhi, Farq jatate kion ho

(It’s a good take on Vasudhaiva Kutumbukum – the whole world is one family, what does it matter to prove the differences?)
  • Saeed Qureshi concludes his poem
Mazhabi azadiyaan, ilm o masawat o amal
so taraqqi yafta qoumon ka a ayeen hai.
( freedom of religion, equality are the hallmarks of progressive societies)
15 More poems on their way!


Some of us may have bias towards skirts, sarees, shalwar kameez, dhoti, Arab gear, pagdi, hat, topi, Hijab, pallu….does the bias contribute towards a well functioning society? Applying pluralism means – accepting each custom as unique, but not inferior or superior. You wear and feel good about your skirt, and I feel good about my Saree.  Humility builds bridges and arrogance destroys the relationships.

If you like Gulab Jamun and I like Ras Gulla – would we listen to a dietician, nutritionist, doctor, scientist, food connoisseur or any one -  if they say Gulab Jamun is better than Ras Gulla? You probably would  say – Chal, hut, bhaag yahaan say! 


Back in Bangalore in the late 60’s – people have killed each other on the silliest of things – it is the size of the  cut out  pictures of Dr. Raj Kumar, Kannada film actor and M.G. Ramachandran, his counterpart in Tamil films. The fans were vying with each other to build the taller cut out for their idol - they went from 25 feet and all the way upto to 60 feet tall, rioting was common – all they had to learn was Raj Kumar means everything to the Kanndigas and MGR means everything to the Tamilians, so what?

Because I am a guy, I am sharing my perspective – in college days we argued vehemently over who is more beautiful; Hema Malini, Waheeda Rahman or Rekha. We kept forgetting that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,  and we would have saved the anger and a mukka - two of them become bitter towards each other, they were trying to force each other to believe either Hema or Waheeda was more beautiful. I said, so what you cannot even get an audience with them - Those guys envy me,  I had the luxury of sitting and talking with both the most beautiful women of India, and I was in hog heaven!

Please note, I will not use the language pluralism with wife – spouse means either wife or husband and in no particular order, as neither is above the other. Does it bother you that your spouse wears a dark green suit (male or female)? Is that a source of conflict every time you go out?  Why do we have to push the other to wear what we want,  and wear what is not comfortable to them... let them wear and be happy. A happy companion is better than the grouchy one waiting to get even.
Pluralism is simply an attitude – necessary to keep the conflicts in every aspect of life to a low level.
I attended the meeting at Urdu Ghar tonight, and I just could not believe the environment of pluralism there…   I am a life member of the International Hindi Association, a great secular organization, and I was looking for a similar secular and a pluralistic organization in Urdu – eureka, I found it.  I will write more about it.

We were working on finding a word in Urdu for pluralism -  many words were considered, but most of them agreed on the word “Bahimiyat” proposed by Dr. Amer Suleman, and now its his turn to explain Bahimiyat in a quartet or a full Nazm as an introduction in the program – like wise, the word Anekant vaad does not fully represent the breadth of the word Pluralism, and Anand has floated Anekta may ekta… we need another word to fully describe pluralism,  and I ask Anand Punjabi to write a quartet as an introduction or we ask  Nishi, Sushila jee, Fateh or Chini Saheb propose and write multiple words.
There was a good song in a film called “Do Kaliyan” which talks about dropping the Urdu-Hindi ka Jhagda – if you have time, it is a good song- by my mentor Kavi Sahir Ludhianavi.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQuBmwOUFpU
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Thank you.

Mike Ghouse
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