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Friday, April 26, 2013

Speaking up for Bangladeshi Hindus


Tonight, I will be at the fund raising dinner with the Bangladeshi Hindu community in Dallas. We have to stand up with those who have been oppressed and harassed everywhere in the world, and whose basic human rights have been violated. As a Muslim, I stand up with all those who have been oppressed and invite you to join me. Prophet Muhammad had said, the best one among is one who speaks out against injustice, that is the least we can do. If you can donate generously, please call me at (214) 325-1916 and talk with me - you can be a part of the event.

I wrote a press release to this effect a while back:

The following report is difficult to watch, but remember those who have endured this: http://hrcbmdfw.org/files/22/hr_reports/entry328.aspx

Mike Ghouse

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