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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Romney, there you go again!


Romney: Hey Carl, did you watch the DNC convention? They had every American representation speak out there, boy, if Americans watched that they will not vote for me?

Rove: Why would you say that?

Romney: They see the damned facts; Obama saved the country from a free fall.

Rove: There you go again, you should have thought about it, we cannot accept your flip flop Mitt,  it is too late!

Ryan: Mitt Uncle, don’t worry, we will scare the devil out of Americans, we will frighten the day lights out of them, and we can win!

Romney: Paul, we can’t, it is a fact that  Obama has prevented the country from a disaster.

Rove: Mitt, leave it to me, we will dig up the flip flops of Obama and hit him hard and make him  squeal.

Romney:  Carl, don’t you dare that, I will outscore him on that count.

Ryan: Mitt Uncle, if you give up on you, why should Americans vote for you? No, you got me in this crap, let’s fight this out. We can bull through, no one will check the facts.

Rove: Let’s promise some more tax cuts, let the damned rich invest in you, pour a billion more dollars, we will flood the airwaves of this socialist creep taking over our fortunes.

Romney: Why did we mess it up in our convention? Did you see their convention, every American, every ethnicity was there, we are doomed Carl, I did not realize we were exclusive and pushed out minorities and other ethnicity.

Rove: Mitt, we did have the tokens, let’s highlight them in our spots, let the billionaires pay for it, don't you spend your money on it, we get the suckers to pay for it.

Romney: Guess what guys, let me be, me again; let's just announce
No government intervention, let people marry whom they want;
let’s not control women and their rights to own their own bodies; 
let's really believe in freedom of religion,
let’s not repeal Obama care, it will kill us

Rove: Mitt, there you go again

Romney:  Damn it, their former President stood up for Obama!

Rove: Shhhhhh, don’t you bring that up, sorry to cut you in.

Romney: Why can’t Bush do that for me? After all I have all his gang working for me.

Rove: There you go again, Mitt. You don't get it, do you! Let's rally our base, frighten them that Obama will give away the country to United Nation.

Romney: Public knows, that is not true unless both the house support it!

Rove: Mitt, Public does not know it, they believe those who scare them, and those who promised them the safety and secured of mother's lap. 

Dialogue continues........

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