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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pamela Geller and Norwegian Killer may know each other.

It is time for the FBI to investigate all serious links to terror.  The extremists among the right wingers continue to spew hate towards fellow citizens. Isn’t that how KKK resorted to violence? Al-Qaeda resorted to violence?  If unchecked, we may have more of these in Europe and America.

Pamela Geller was the instigator for so much of hate in 2010 with the Ground Zero Mosque. Check out Act for America for the hate spewed for fellow Americans. Geert Wilders duped our Senators and Congressman and had an audience with them about his movie Fitna, which was a blatant lie. Their rhetoric is causing tensions, arson in the Mosque in Tennessee and where will it lead to? If there is a link between the Jihadist rhetoric and destruction, could similar things evolve out of these outfits?

Remember Collin Powell's famous line? So what if he is a Muslim? Here is another one. Craig Murray, an Ambassador and Human rights activist writes, “That is indeed the point I am making. Plainly the links above are just something to give investigators a direction and indicate from where he drew inspiration. But where Muslims are concerned, internet links or the attendance at the same meeting has been deemed enough evidence to lock people up for years.”

I have appeared with Geller, Spencer, Gabriel, Horowitz and others on Fox with Sean Hannity, and I believe they have the potential to be peace makers. I do hope and pray that they focus their energies in peace making; they can be successful and be beneficent to the world. They have the entire right wingers and Tea Partiers with them.

Norwegian Killer Linked to Tea Party and EDL – Craig Murray, Former Ambassador and Human rights activist. http://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2011/07/norwegian-killer-linked-to-tea-party-and-edl/
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