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Thursday, April 9, 2009



Believing that all Jews act certain way or the Muslims, Hindus, Christians and others act the other, or casting African Americans, Vietnamese, Arabs, Indians or Mexicans into a certain mold is detrimental to our mental health.

Imagine the negative impact it will have on our spirituality, taking away goodness from us ounce by ounce and replacing it with fear of others. The Creator has intentionally made us diverse, let's accept and respect that, we will find freedom in it.

Stereotyping is not a smart thing to do even in a business.

We are intentionally diverse, the creator or the cause of creation has programmed us to be that way, if we can accept that, then conflicts fade and solutions emerge.

We have to grow as human beings and 'know thyself' and unload the bias for our own well being, not for God or it is a noble thing, but for our own good, we have to keep our spirits free from bonding agents such as malice, bias or hate.As a society, we have to help each other be a better person to oneself, which will translate goodness for all.... Read MoreAngie preferring not to like any one is ok, it is fine to love apples and not like oranges, the problem will stem when you hate oranges and bind your self in ill-will or scheming to rid them or hurt them.


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