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Monday, February 23, 2009

Israel-Palestine peace

Would this work? Three items!

1. Programs on Televisions in Israel and Palestine, showing the security needs of Israelis and the shattered hopes of Palestinians. Let both sides watch the others perspective and learn to focus on the real needs of each other.

2. A referendum in Israel and Palestine as to what the people want and add to qualify to run for the office, they need to pledge whatever they do, say, and act goes towards mitigagting conflicts and nurturing goodwill. And they will resign from the office if they have not achieved it within 100 days of their election.

2. Both the people want the same; peace. Their leaders and American leadership are the problems. American leaders should be told to get the hell out of their business and shut up. Peace will come sooner. Let's hope Obama does not yeild to the Neocons and does the right thing and saves us from some one telling to shut up.

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