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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Is Sean Hannity a rapist and a Murderer?

If you have a right wing mindset, you will not read beyond this headline and jump to the conclusions and get angry.  The purpose of choosing this title is twofold; to make a point against stereo typing and president’s wise choice to not use the phrase Radical Islam.

If I say “New Yorkers are rapists and murderers” and by living in New York Sean Hannity and Mayor Bill de Blasio automatically earn the title of rapists and murderers.

This is how it works:
According to FBI - New York City’s (just the city) Crime Statistics reveal forcible rapes at the rates of 14/ 100,000 and murder rate of 4/100,000. That translates into 419 Murders and 1162 Murders in 2014. Using these rates, it makes a stronger case to call New Yorkers rapists and murders. What would you say to your niece if she asks your recommendation to live in New York or Dallas? 

I was on Hannity show last night, and did not get to say this; by using the blanket phrase radical Muslims or radical Islam, he is calling me one. I am his friend, and I am no different than the 1.7 billion minus .001% of us who are radicals. By the way, for every Muslim ass, there is a Christian, Jewish, Hindu and a Buddhist ass and that .001% applies to all groups.

I hope you got angry at me for the statistics, and you should, and you should expect me to react to “Radical Islam and Radical Muslims” in the same way. Both are dumb and stupid statements. Neither New Yorkers are murders and nor Muslims are radicals, the correct statement would have been; Murderers in New York and Terrorists among Muslims, which would have excluded Hannity and me from the blanket statement.

Sean Hannity is a great American patriot and his consistent attacks on the government keep them on their toes and I admire him for that. Two years ago in February 2013, Sean Hannity said in a retreat at the Fox Studios, that I am the only Muslim he knows that he can dialogue with, and he called me a friend and I call him a friend, in return he offered the best gift of my life – he said, he will not use the phrases Radical Islam and Radical Muslims, instead he will use the words Radicals among Muslims and in Islam. I saluted him, and his influence did not end there.

Congressman Peter King on April 15, 2013, said this to CNN camera right after the Boston bombing, “ I have no problem with 96% of the Muslims and it is the 4% I worry” – if you recall, it was the same congressman who wanted to investigate every mosque and tap out every Muslim. Hannity does not have a choice either when the terrorists call themselves Islamic State, which they are not. 

Listen to Hannity carefully, he is not against Islam or Muslims, but against the radicals among us, which all of us Muslims (minus radicals) are against but don’t speak up in strong terms on a national or international microphone. 

President Obama is absolutely right by not using the phrase Radical Islam or Radical Muslims that would be the stupidest thing to say.
Hannity broke his promise with me last night and I understand his outrage. It took me several minutes and several laps of pacing the lobby of my office to calm down after seeing that disgusting video.  Every second counts on his top rated show, and by nature I am slow in responding and did not complete the sentence and it was a packed show with so many guests, and the time allotted to me and Allen West was drastically cut. The sentence was,  “Sean, if you call them Radical Muslims, you are including me in that group, and that is not kosher, because I am your friend, please  call them Radicals among Muslims” and I am fine with that, because I and the 99.99% of Muslims are against them. It is our responsibility to stop them. The Quran recommends severe punishment to the oppressors and suggests hunting them down where ever they can be found and punishing them accordingly, unless they sincerely repent and back off, and if they do back off and surrender, they go to Guantanamo for a full orderly trial that US law permits. If those specific individuals don't surrender, drone them! Go ahead, degrade and destroy them.
I urge President Obama to take the action; the world will never be more with him than now, in one sweep, go clean those radicals. We need to rid of them, in the most civil way we can. We should never lose our civility in dealings with these men, and should not produce excuses in making innocent civilians a collateral damage, a shameful word in history of civilizations. Just go get them, as you did Osama Bin Laden. 

If the show had more time, I wanted to say the harshest of the truths we keep denying.  We are guilty of causing nearly half a million deaths, it was indeed terrorizing the innocent people of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the facts did not matter to our President in 2003.  We owe an apology to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, none of this would have happened, had we not gone into Iraq based on falsities.

President Obama has this last chance to save humanity by eliminating the barbarians.  They are beyond dialogue, but we should still give them a warning to back off, repent and surrender or face the drones, we need to wipe them out with all the might we have. 

Mike Ghouse is speaker and the President of America Together Foundation, a think tank committed to building a cohesive America, and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day.
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