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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Is President Obama a Muslim? He ought to be

I am proud of our President; he is one of the most inclusive presidents we ever had. The following speech was delivered at the United Nations, and indeed, it is the state of the world speech.  Obama is a genuine conflict mitigater and a goodwill nurturer.

After reading his speech “Faith and Politics” at the Illinois State Senate in 2007, I became a big fan, as I had just created a blog on Pluralism and he was the man for it.

Later on in my profile, I have literally put him in the list of my mentors like Gandhi, MLK and Pope Francis.

I disagree with a few of his policies but overall he is a visionary, a statesman and a genuine human being. He is by far the best foreign policy president we ever had, and he is a catalyst for most of the social changes in our society, no one has done what he has been able to do, and has brought recovery to a devastated economy six years ago. This is one of the most inclusive Speeches the United Nations has witnessed since its inception.

By the way my politics (I'm a Republican) has not prevented me from giving him the credit he deserves. This speech should go down in the history as the best example of respecting the otherness of others.

In this speech, he has criticized Russia, Iran and the radicals among Muslims and others, but yet, he has not pushed them away, he has taken the approach 'blame not the sinner, but the sin' giving them the room to join in with the civil society. He also follows the advice of Mother Teresa, 'if you want to make peace, go talk with the enemies.'

My biggest disappointment in him was when he surrendered to Netanyahu and backed off from accomplishing security for Israelis and justice for the Palestinians, I lost him then.  I wish he has the backbone to stand up and end the six decade old conflict that is tearing the world apart.  He should have been a bully with Netanyahu for the sake of Israel and Palestine.

I connect with him; we have the same pluralistic inclusive attitudes in building cohesive societies.  He is not a Muslim, but he is what a Muslim ought to be; just, fair, merciful and respectful of all of God’s creation.  Of course Muslims leadership is not following the wisdom of Qur'an, but this guy is, and this is the kind of Muslim the world needs. I am willing to say, he is what a Muslim ought to be, and Pope Francis is a model of what a Muslim should be. 

Indeed, Obama is what a Hindu ought to be, a Jew, Buddhist or other ought to be. He is a universal being - I used the phrase Mukhlookhul Aalameen (universal being), just as God is God of the Universe and Prophet (any prophetic personality) is prophet for all. Of course, a good Muslim is a good Christian is a good Jew, is a good Hindu and a good human.

This is the kind of speech I would have written - to bring about a sense to the world.
With his approach he will build the largest coalition the world has ever witnessed. On September 4, I wrote, "President Obama, go ahead 'degrade and destroy' ISIS at Huffington Post. Go ahead and Destroy ISIS - there are two more articles at the post about this issue.  He is for empowerment of the United Nations, a body of nations for the common good, unfortunately, our previous President had destroyed it.

Obama's full speech at: http://foundationforpluralism.blogspot.com/2014/09/president-obamas-2014-address-to-united.html
God bless you Mr. President, may God continue to Guide you to be the light and guidance to humanity. Amen!

Mike Ghouse


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