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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon Tragedy

We need to resist all temptations to mirror the bad guys, we must avoid thinking and acting like them, otherwise, what is the difference?

As members of the civil society, we need to be bent on finding solutions, or at least not aggravate the situation.

I urge fellow Americans to withhold speculating the identity of the criminals, or develop hatred towards any individual at this time. We need to live a guilt free life.

Punish we must, to the maximum allowable limit by the law of the land, once the law enforcement agencies track down those criminals. Hatred of others is more damaging to our souls than we know it. Let’s be wise and not run sewer through our hearts like those guys. It is not easy, but it is the right thing to do.

Rachel Maddow lists all such voilence for the last 50 years at this link

I believe President Obama will go after the individual(s) and get them, just as he did with Bin Laden, get those rascals and spare the world. He will do the right thing.

On our part, we have to pray for the positive energies and good wishes of people to envelop the victims and their families. Amen.

Mike Ghouse for a cohesive America

1 comment:

  1. Whether this is homegrown or foreign influence, we still cause our own problems. That which we try to force on our nation or other nations against our holy books affects our homeland security.

    The United Nations and United States have no authority to press other nations for UN “Human Rights” that oppose religions of other nations and are against many of their constitutions. These are the things conflicts and wars are about in Israel-Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, North and South Korea, China, Russia, and multitudes of African and other nations. Generally where-ever we have troops that is the case.

    The United Nations and United States’ law proclaim freedom of religion, yet they push against that trying to impose ungodly ways, calling it freedom, prosperity and/or enriching poor nations; it is enslaving us to lifelong employment, taxes, insurances and restrictions and polluting us toward extinction. It goes against the word of God in our holy books.



    Neither United Nations nor United States can press or establish and endorse leaders who prohibit free exercising of religion by their “UN Human Rights” standards; it is against their (UN + US) laws.