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Monday, March 5, 2012

Super Tuesday 2012

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The primaries are held in 10 states with 437 delegates at stake. To win the nomination, the candidate has to bag 1144delegates out of 2286. Each state has a number of delegates and the state decides whether each candidate gets delegates proportional to the votes casted, or some fixed and variable numbers or even the winner takes it all. 
Of the 2286 total Delegates, 324 have been assigned, and 437 are at stake on Super Tuesday; a 10 state contest. The number of delegates is figured out by the number of congressional districts.  This Tuesday at stake are; Georgia (76), Ohio (66), Tennessee (58), Virginia (49), Oklahoma (43), Massachusetts (41), North Dakota (28), Idaho (32), Vermont (17) an Alaska (24).
The current delegate count of the candidates is; Romney 180, Santorum 90, Gingrich 29 and Ron Paul 23.
This is an amazing process, politics aside, and look at the candidates... They are out day and night... for nearly a year; they are all over the country. There is nothing else going for them for a full year, what a life!
The process matures a few candidates, hardens some, and softens some. I wish this system is adopted by other nations as well. The public will get to know the candidates in all their moods, while the candidate’s fine tune themselves to the larger sensitivities of the nation and some dig deeper in their narrowness... I love this process.

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