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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Apple experience in North Park, Dallas

I am writing this note to commend two of the exemplary employees of Apple Store in North Park Center; Tassjania Lozano and David Bowhall who restored my faith in Apple.

Tassajania Lozano
I bought the Apple’s new i-phone 5s at 2:00 PM yesterday and until 2:40 PM today, it was a nightmare.  I was told that I can transfer all the data to my i-phone 5s at i-tunes site where the data for my i-phone 4 was stored. 
Every effort we made failed in transferring the data, my friends Son Hamza did all he can, including deleting all the software from my Lap Top and re-installing and backing the i-phone 4, and attempting to transfer on the new phone.  He was unable to restore the text messages and was able to restore about a dozen of the 111 notes.

We went to the AT&T store by Galleria Mall; the person was interested in selling more products than fixing our problem. She said we cannot transfer the text messages.  At about 7:00 PM, I called AT&T and after 30 minutes I was transferred to Apple care.  I was on phone for 1 hour and 52 minutes. The person who answered the phone said that text messages were not transferrable to the new phone. I assured him that it was, as I had done from i-phone 2 or 3 to i-phone 4 without hassle. Then he said to go to the Apple store and that they will do it. I demanded the name and a firm answer that it can be done and that he is not just telling me, he got his supervisor on line with me. Towards the tail end of the conversation, I asked him, look I have come to you as a last resort and if you cannot answer me, who do I go to?  He was nice but was really not helpful but did comply with my request and even sent an email.

This morning I went to the Willow bend Mall store, no appointment was available till 4:30; however he set us up for 2:20 back at North Park. Adil my friend and I went there and waited till 2:50… we got some wishy-washy answers; two of the employees really did not know much but were shooting their mouths off. I was losing patience and faith in Apple, thinking to simply return the phone and go find something else and cut loose with Apple’s bad service.

At 2:50 a slot opened, she listened to my (now) gripe with patience and repeated back what needs to be done. What a relief! She at least knew what needs to be done and how to do it. She was not eager to say no, but rather, open to see the possibilities. She said exactly what she can do and started plugging the wires… with full confidence!  My whole attitude was changing, and started accepting the weakness of a few employees… I recall losing my big business some 15 years ago due to employee mistakes and appreciated this employee for Apple: Tassjania Lozano.

Tass was exceptional and efficient in getting the job done. She was amazing,  she said it will take 12 minutes for one operation, 40 for other… and asked me if she could serve other customer while the system was working…  and she was able to attend to both of us and took on another one – simul-serving all the three while most others were doing one on one.  The guy sitting across me was thrilled with the service just as I was.  I did ask for her supervisor (forgot her name), who came right up and listened to my sermon. 

I told her that is not common for people to appreciate the good service and I just wanted her to know how good an employee she had in Tass.  I suggested her that in her weekly meetings do the brainstorming with new employees and teach them how to respond to unusual and odd questions.  Never say no for convenience, but say, let me find out for you…. I was almost giving her Sales and motivational talk, but held back.

David Bowhall, Apple North Park
Then Tass turned me over to David Bowhall, he was just one hell of a great person to deal with. He knew what he was doing and was also sharing with me the ins and out of i-phone, i-pad, i-cloud and i-tunes.

Well, Tass, you have restored my faith in Apple. I started out with Apple II in 1982 and still have my first Mac, had published a news paper out of Mac and glad to remain with Apple through i-phone and i-pad although I have switched to PC for my business needs.  Thank you and Thank you David, please train your employees with your standards.

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