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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Are you willing to change for others? If not, don't expect others to change for you. The change has to bring good to both, and both must be willingly see the good in it, then it becomes a sustainable decision. You cannot force a change on the unwilling – it is going to boomerang one day or the other.
What you see is good for others will not be seen the same way by the others. When they do out of free will, all will be well.

If you compel your children or spouse (either one) to do things your way because you have an upper hand, you are wrong, you end up being the loser. Kids will be waiting to be 18 to get the hell out of your house and the spouse (either one) is constantly on vigil to get you one way or the other. Neither one of you will be ever happy.

My experience has been a difficult one, I get hassled frequently due to the belief that all must freely subscribe to the idea for it to be sustainable, but once we pass through the difficult times and cross that bridge of trust with freedom, I have seen a smooth sail in several things, but the path is an arduous one.

Mike Ghouse


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