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Monday, October 4, 2010

Islam Debate on ABC TV with Amanpour

Link included below

This is one of the most beautiful things about America, radical right can sit with the moderates and both can give and receive crap. It was heartfelt and heart full of conversation.

Daisy hammered several nails right on, she could have hammered one more nail on Terry Jones story. She said the evangelists said no to Terry, told the world that he did not represent Christianity... by the same logic Osama Bin Laden or that idiot Anjum Chowdhury from UK does not represent Islam.

Thank God for Reza Aslan to speak out boldly against Robert Spencer, who had made a life out of selling hate. Reza hit it big when he said, he would rather believe FBI than Spencer.
I hope Daisy will add, " we want to build a society that others want to emulate and not the other way around".
Indian democracy is as beautiful, with the High court pronouncement on Ayodhya, there are many  men and women of India;  Hindu, Sikh, Muslims are writing and debating the issue from an Indian point and not religious point.
First let's be a model nation, and when we have the guts to be right, we can cast the first stone on Saudi Arabia for them the wake up... and have a model to follow. 

Riveting debate tele-cast today, it is worth preserving.

It was a good watch
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