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Saturday, June 5, 2010

I wrote many things, but had not updated on this diary,
which is to match with my facebook.

I am catching up with previous postings and then will start adding now:

  1. Many Faiths, One Truth by HH Dalai Lama
  2. interfaith, intra-faith, pluralism, religion & spirituality
  3. Mosque Madness
  4. Ghouse, Geller on Fox's Hannity show
  5. Dallas Dinner invitation, this Friday
  6. Reflections on forgiveness
  7. How not to deal with Muslims in America
  8. National Prayer day - Pluralism prayer to reflect upon
  9. Effectiveness of Six different Prayers modes
  10. Sunday Morning at Martin United Methodist
  11. Mike Ghouse speaks at Dallas Immigration Mega Marc...
  12. Driving While Amused - On the road again
  13. Dallas 2014 - Parliament of Worlds Religions
  14. South Park incident with a Muslim
  15. Quraan 2:256 No compulsion in matters of faith
  16. Hannity, Fox, Police, Rev. Graham and Mt. Vernon
  17. Religious Persecution in Japan
  18. Honoring Imam Dr. Yusuf Zia Kavakci today
  19. Luncheon talks with 12 Arab Imams A
  20. theism on Rise
  21. Religious Conversions
  22. Doniger’s book on Hindu history
  23. There is only one Islam
  24. Women, Saints, Rabbis, Imams and clergymen
  25. Health Care Reform Winners and Losers
  26. Celibacy and Sex Scandals
  27. 3000 Thanks, What are you most likely to say?
  28. Khuda Hafiz Pakistan.
  29. Women, Saints, Rabbis, Imams and clergymen
  30. The wonder of religion
  31. Fatal Embrace by Mark Braverman
  32. Qur’anic Universalism
  33. Fatwa against terrorism
  34. Freedom of Religion in Japan
  35. Doniger’s error filled book on Hindu history
  36. Ahmadiyya Muslims among Muslims
  37. A tribute to Elliott Dlin
  38. Religious Conversions or Recruitment
  39. Fatwa against terrorism is now
  40. Quraan 2:256 free will v. 9:29 compulsion and Jiziya
  41. February Festivals
  43. Prophet Muhammad's birthday celebrations
  44. MF Hussain, final thoughts
  45. Indian American for Texas State legislature
  46. MF Hussain, India's Picasso
  47. Muslim Condemn beheading of Sikhs by Taliban
  48. The Smearing of Rashad Hussain
  49. Understanding religion's role worldwide
  50. Religion and the Making of U.S. Foreign Policy
  51. Pictorial Report - Holocaust and Genocides
  52. American Left and right united
  53. Good Muslim, Bad Muslim by Tariq Ramadan
  54. Carrollton Quilt 2010 representing Carrolltonians
  55. President Obama appoints Rashad Hussain of Dallas
  56. The need for Native American Heritage Day
  57. Valentines Day taking on universal meaning
  58. Congressman John Murtha, an American Hero dies
  59. An appeal to Muslims about Dr. Afia Siddiqui
  60. Ancient Tribe Goes extinct as last member dies
  61. Peace pledge
  62. Interfaith effort to bury the deceased
  63. Globalizing God - Welcome to the decade
  64. Baptists and Muslim, different book
  65. inguistic Gymnastics on Democracy
  66. War is wrong, we can still salvage America
  67. Change is coming to Islam
  68. The Journal of Pluralism
  69. Avatar - a movie about harmony
  70. Mike Ghouse and Angie Buchanan on NPR
  71. An appeal to Indonesian Muslims
  72. Am I a Jew, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Pagan or a Maya?
  73. Mike Ghouse presents holy scripture and their intended use
  74. Thanksgiving, an expression of gratitude.
  75. Fort Hood's Allahu Akbar
  76. Fort Hood Psychology today on- Why Did He Do It?
  77. Fort Hood, Blaming Nidal's religion is dumb
  78. The Dangerous Idea of Protecting Religions
  79. Reflections; a day with Maya and Toltec people
  80. Towards a kind and just society

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