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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fort Hood Tragedy

Fort Hood Tragedy

Every Muslim is saddened by this incident. No one has a right to take another persons life.Every religion condemns and discourages killing. A soldier by the name of Nidal Hassan went on a killing spree and killed 12 soldiers and wounder 31 fellow soldiers. Muslims from every corner of the United States have expressed their disgust over this looney.

Alas, we the humanity understand the individual crises, and work with individuals going through a trauma of their own lives and help them into become productive Citizens.

We have to remember that it is the individuals who do good things and it is the individuals who do bad things, we have to hold the individuals responsible for their acts not their parents, kids, sibling or others.

May God bless the souls of the victims and, May God give patience to their family members.

I am pleased to invite you to a conversation on the subject on Saturday 9:00 AM at La Madeliene on Mokingbird at Central Expressway in Dallas.


Mike Ghouse

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